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Payment Options

The following payment options are available to enable fast and secure invoice payments.
You can use Direct Deposit (EFT) from your own banking system, credit card via our secure online Credit Card Payment Facility or pay by cheque.
In line with industry practice, payments by credit card will attract a surcharge. This surcharge is to cover the costs incurred by us and is detailed below.                                                     
Pay Online with Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard only)
Payments via credit card will incur a surcharge with the surcharge being a percentage of the amount paid.
The credit card surcharge is 0.55% and will be shown on the transaction during processing.
"Our Reference" from the invoice will be required (it starts with FIN VAM). To proceed please click here

Direct Deposit (EFT)
For invoices dated from the 1st July 2022 pay:
Finsura Insurance Broking (Aust) Pty Ltd
BSB:                     332 002   
Account Number:  553 093 104

For all EFT payments please ensure you use the description as noted under "Methods of Payment EFT" on your invoice e.g. "I0123456 VAM A0001" as a reference so we can match the payment to your account.

Please make your cheque payable to Vaughan & Monaghan and post to:-
PO Box 205 Hornsby NSW 2077
Premium Funding:
This option allows you to make monthly payments via your bank account or credit card. A premium funding company will require a contract to be completed agreeing to the number of repayments and a monthly payment amount. Credit charges and a document fee will be charged for this service by the premium funder company. Please contact our office if to see if you qualify for this payment option.