Financial Services Guide and Terms of Engagement

The Financial Services Guide (FSG) below describes the types of services offered by Vaughan & Monaghan. Its purpose is to provide retail customers with adequate information about Vaughan & Monaghan that will assist them in deciding whether to use the services we offer. The FSG also explains how we are remunerated for these services and includes information about our customer complaints handling procedure.

The Terms of Engagement (TOE)provides information to set out the terms of engaging us before we begin to act on your behalf. The TOE provides information including:

  1. the scope of the agreed services required;
  2. whether we will provide advice based on personal circumstances or not;
  3. how we intend to seek quotations from insurance companies; and
  4. the remuneration we will earn by arranging insurance policies and/or providing advice on insurance cover.

Please click on the link below to download our FSG & TOE. To request a hard copy please contact our office.

Financial Services Guide